The Elizabeth Rose Agency - Jack Lippman/High Maintenance 90210 | Video Transcript

[FESTIVE MUSIC. B-ROLL of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood, Jack Lippman arriving at The Elizabeth Rose Agency office on motorcycle]


Receptionist: Hey, I have a lot of messages for you.

Jack (in office): My name is Jack Lippman, for the last 18 years I've owned the Elizabeth Rose agency.


Jack (answering phone): Elizabeth Rose.

Person one (male voice over phone): Jack, help.

Jack (in office): We provide all types of domestic household staff from nannies, to housekeepers, chauffeurs, chefs, butlers and even personal assistants.

Receptionist (answering calls): Hey Jack you have a call on line one. Please hold. Hey Jack, you have a call on line three.

Jack: Okay, have them hold. My clients can range from the extremely high profile celebrity, to heads of industry, to sports figures. Money is no object to my clients, so they are used to getting whatever they want.

Person two (female on home phone): Don't give me anybody that has bladder problems or cat has herpes. [Laughs]

Jack (into phone): You know it is LA, right?

Jack (in office): This week I'm trying to find a job for a very interesting 27-year-old butler named Brian Armstrong.

Brian (in dining room of large house): I hope one day to serve my country and work in the White House.

Jack: I'm also trying to find a nanny for this really great family, the Grubbs. They've got a four-year-old kid named Renner who can be quite a handful...

[MUSIC. B-ROLL of Grubb family, celebrity clients, butler serving in dining room, Elizabeth Rose Agency offices, Domestic Services captions, High Maintenance 90210 logo]

Jack: It's my job to match the best with the best because at the end of the day if I don't work, my clients don't eat. If you're the best butler, I want you. If you're the best chef I need you. If you're the best housekeeper you've got to be here. So let's get ready to work.

Receptionist: Elizabeth Rose.

Jack: This week I've got a very big challenge, I'm really happy Robert got the job with Michael Scott. He's a hard worker who will do a great job and he really needed the work. But when you're hiring a personal assistant, you need someone to take care of your life and not become part of it. This week I'm trying to find an assistant for designer Christina Fulton. Craig Vowles will no doubt find a position very soon as long as the clients are up to his standards.

Receptionist: Elizabeth Rose.

Jack: I have to find a chef for Allison Pearson, I've got to send over some of my chefs, butlers, assistants...

[MUSIC. B-ROLL of chef cooking, butler setting formal table, female personal assistant]

Jack: And he is going to get of course some of my best people.

Hey Anastasia it's Jack, Craig its Jack, hey Robert it's Jack, big bad Wolf, it's Jack.

Pauly Shore (in room of house with four people): Getting Jack on the phone.

Jack (over phone): Elizabeth Rose.

Pauly: Yo Jack it's Pauly.

Person three (male in room with Pauly): Jack I need two bartenders. I need at least four to six people just for cleanup.

Jack (over phone): What else you need?

Jack (driving in automobile): I'm on my way to see new client Michael Scott. He lives in a very, very exclusive neighborhood in Beverly Hills. I hope I get the opportunity to work with him and provide the best staff that I can, so he is happy and refers all his neighbors to me...

[B-ROLL of Jack driving automobile into driveway of large estate]

Jack: It's my job to assess the situation, look at the house and give my opinion as to what I think is best for them. That's why I'm here today with Michael Scott.

Jack (to Michael in kitchen of large estate): The Elizabeth Rose agency provides the best household staff that you could ask for if you give me the opportunity I will prove that to you.

Michael: Okay well let's give it a shot then.

Michael (in home office): After all he's been talking, it better be good. If somebody's going to talk a big game, they better deliver on it.

Jack (voiceover): People in Beverly Hills have the highest standards anywhere for every successful placement...

Male server (to guest at lawn party): You want to take a little small taste of fish?

[B-ROLL chef preparing food, butler descending staircase, housekeeper walking, Brian descending steps, Robert Basiri preparing food in kitchen, Jack on phone at outdoor cafe]

Jack (voiceover): I'm going to have a few that don't work out but I have to keep fighting for the guys that I believe in. Robert Basiri got the job with Michael Scott and I'm so happy. The guy needed a break. The truth of the matter is that I do this job not only for the commission because that's all well and good, but helping people that's the best commission of all.



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