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Not a week goes by at the agency that we don’t have a conversation with a nanny or client about boundaries. As we write more blogs we will cover all sorts of boundary issues. Today’s is about the “over-share” – don’t do it!

Imagine the scenario: you’re a couple of weeks into your new job and things are going better than you could ever imagine. You and mom are at the breakfast table and mom starts to share a bit about her personal life. It’s bound to happen, as these are personal relationships you’re developing.

However, while mom may feel comfortable sharing details about her life, better to maintain the boundary of professionalism by choosing to not share about yours. When at all possible, check your personal life at the door.

We’re not suggesting you don’t chat with mom or share bits and pieces about your life – of course you can do that. Just keep it light and breezy. No matter how persuasive mom might be, she really doesn’t want to hear you were loaded at the club on Saturday, nor a rendition of your relationship woes!

In the same vein, if a client asks you why your last gig ended, or if there was anything negative about your last boss, better to leave the dirt in the past with your past job. What went on in the past, stays in the past.

This is a nanny-world best practice even if you didn’t sign an official confidentiality agreement. Remember, if you speak badly about a past client, however much it might seem this is you and the new mom bonding, new mom is going to envision you talking smack about her and her darling offspring down the line.

Keep your replies to mom’s enquiries positive and neutral. Keep it clean and keep it professional in all regards.

Your boss and your job will thank you!