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“Think of me as the wife you don’t have,” my nanny said in her interview, sizing up the state of our household. “I can see you need one.”

I met a lot of nannies after I had my second son. Most discussed previous feats and merits – all borderline preposterous. You potty-trained 15 children simultaneously? Challenge. You can go two weeks without sleeping? Please don’t drive our car. My children are the most charming you’ve ever met? One is throwing food; the other is pulling your hair.

This one was honest and refreshingly funny. I hired her on the spot.

In the recent revival of Gilmore Girls, our favorite frenemy Paris Gellar, now a mom, admits to crying when her nanny leaves at night. Even the high-achieving, robotic Paris can’t help but exhibit a touch of human emotion when juggling responsibilities in and out of the home. Deep down, we’ve all been there.

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