Meet Our Nannies 

Hi, I'm Heather.

heather-brodeurI have a Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Early Childhood Education.  This will be my 19th year working as a professional nanny.  I have worked with children of all ages, in all types of families, including high profile parents in the entertainment industry.  My expertise includes: organizing daily schedules, sleep-training, cooking healthy meals, running errands, scheduling, helping children meet and go beyond developmental milestones, and most importantly, being a loving and responsible role model.  I enjoy photography, biking, hiking and swimming, and am happy to share those activities with children. My resourcefulness in the Los Angeles area, work ethic, and passion working with families make me a great nanny.  I look forward to continuing this wonderful journey with my next new placement!


Hi, I'm Sarah.

Sarah Horst pic copyI've been a nanny for over 16 years. I'm CPR & First Aid certified. In addition to being a nanny I've done lots of volunteer work with kids both here in the States and in Africa. I've studied Child Development at UCLA. I'm one of six children myself, so being around kids of any age is no challenge for me. My previous employers would say I'm enthusiastic, flexible, able to work in a fluctuating environment, loyal and trustworthy. I'm an active person, so I love being outside, arts & crafts, and swimming. I believe everything in its own way can be educational. I thrive on creating a safe, fun and nurturing environment for the children I take care of. 


Hi, I'm Steve.

steveI have over 10 years experience working with and teaching children, from infants to teenagers. I have a B.S. in Health and Physical Education so I love to focus on keeping the kids engaged and stimulated through different sports, activities, games, puzzles, books, etc. I'm a very active individual and enjoy all sports, oudoor activities, and traveling. I thoroughly enjoy getting the kids outside and running, whether it's at the beach or walking around Disneyland for 12 hours! I'm very hard working, trustworthy, fun, reliable, and most importantly patient. Even though I am a man, light housekeeping and cooking are no problem! As a manny, I strongly believe it is my duty to do everything in my power to help kids excel physically, creatively and socially. I hope to have an opportunity to meet you soon.


Hi, I'm Jessica. 

jessica-ormsbyI am an extremely creative and enthusiastic person.  In addition to my nanny experience, I have three younger sisters, so child-care is something that comes naturally to me. I have experience working with multiple children. I am easy going and have a great sense of humor, which makes it very easy to get along with people. I am an active person, so I find it enjoyable to take part in playtime, art projects and outdoor activities. I think education is very important and I view every day as an opportunity to teach something new, no matter what age the child is. That can include anything from motor-skills, reading, science projects or baking to educational games, learning a new sport or trips to a museum. My goal is to create a safe, nurturing place for the children and a stress free environment for everyone in the family! I am a great cook, I love organizing and cleaning and I have a passport for travel. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Hello, I'm Carina. 

carina-palomino-ramirezI have 7 years of experience being a nanny, in addition to 4 years of volunteer experience at a local child development center. I have traveled with families, have been a live in nanny and worked with infants and children with disabilities. Being a nanny has been very fulfilling; it has brought me great joy to be part of the team and the family. I like to plan play dates and do lots of outdoors activities, play blocks, and read- all in fun ways for children to grow and learn. I'm an organized, neat person. I'm very patient, caring and honest. I speak fluent Spanish and have taught it to children I have worked with. I'm a very active person; I like hiking, swimming, and bike riding. I also enjoy traveling, reading and learning new things. Please contact the Elizabeth Rose Agency if you would like to meet me.


Hi there, I'm Colleen.

colleen-correaI have over 11 years experience as a nanny. My experience includes caring for infants, toddlers, and young children. I love being around children and am very passionate when it comes to learning. I enjoy taking hikes in the park and making up adventurous scavenger hunts. Sitting outside under a tree & having lunch, or reading books is so wonderful. I also enjoy swimming & playing volleyball. I have competitively played both from a small age.  I prefer to escape from the norm and make up our own games, so the children are really involved and have a sense of accomplishment.  I am very outgoing & fun and would love to be a part of a matching family. I communicate and work well with parents. If you are interested in meeting me, please contact the agency. Looking forward to meeting you and your family.


Hi, I'm Annamarie.

annamarieI have worked with children in multiple settings such as camp counselor and preschool/elementary teacher, and I can honestly say that my time as a nanny has been the most rewarding.  As a nanny, I have seen the Tuscan countryside through the eyes of a 4 year old, taught a 2 year old to live and speak without a pacifier, and worked out peer rivalries with a 7 year old.  My degrees in psychology and education help give me insight into how young minds work.  I love encouraging younger children to reach new milestones and helping older ones gain confidence with homework. As a nanny, I like to find ways to anticipate the needs of the family, be it noticing when the bathrooms are running low on hand soap, confirming a child's dentist appointment, or facilitating communication between parents and teachers. In my free time I love to cook, read, hike and travel.  I hope to have an opportunity to meet with you soon.


Hi, I'm Kellie.

Kellie Luttrell pic

I'm an exceptional caring, loyal, confidential, dependable, loving, honest nanny, with ten-plus years' experience. I have a Bachelors in Business, Social Science and a list of skills in the domestic industry. I am very passionate about taking care of infants, toddlers, and small children. My creativity will keep the children busy and having great fun! I love outdoor time with the children when the weather permits, and when inside I love fun crafts, baking, science projects, going to museums - the list goes on and on! I am looking for long-term position with a a family. I hope to have the chance to meet you soon!


Hi, I'm Linda.

linda-gyokerI'm seeking a full-time nanny position and would like to find a family that is interested in using RIE methods. Focusing on the first two years of a baby's life, RIE teaches parents how to develop a respectful relationship with their baby. RIE babies are allowed to discover and learn on their own, being active participants rather than passive recipients in the learning process, and thereby growing into more confident and self-reliant people.

I'm originallly from Hungary, and I have 8 years of experience with babies and toddlers. I really enjoy working with children, respect their feelings, being their role model, and doing fun activities. I'm an excellent swimmer and love to cook healthy, organic foods.  I am creative, organized, hardworking, and reliable. Please contact the Elizabeth Rose Agency if you'd you like to meet me.



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